About Us

Each letter in the name Capparsa stands for one of our values. These principles guide everything we do -- from our products we make, to our content we write, to our every day lives outside of work. We want to help you find and achieve your goals, and lead a happier life!

our values:

  • Creativity
    • To live a creative life, and feel free to explore new ideas. Creativity is more than art or music, it's a way of thinking and exploring the world around us.
  • Adaptability
    • To be adaptable, to be ready for and welcoming of change, and to never stop learning.
  • Purpose
    • To add a sense of purpose to everything we do, and to work towards goals that matter.
  • Productivity
    • To get things done-- but more importantly, get things done that matter to you.
  • Awareness
    • To be aware of ourselves and to be present in the moment-- because it's all we have!
  • Resoluteness
    • To be resolute with our goals and push for what matters.
  • Success
    • To reach success, however we define it.
  • Achievement
    • To achieve our goals and dreams.