More updates to TimeTag iOS 7

My goodness, the update to TimeTag (3.0+) has been a mess. I really appreciate all the feedback and emails I've received--It helps me a lot in getting updates faster. 

I have an update being uploaded right now to Apple (3.1.1) that has the following fixes: 

  • Fixed the issue where deleted records came back. Turns out they were never being deleted at all--they just looked like they were. 
  • Fixed an issue where records were listed as 'active' even if they weren't. 
  • Added back in an indicator when a record is being actively timed (so they'll look like "00:30:00(+)" )
  • Fixed an issue where notes not appearing on a record if there was no tag set
  • Fixed a number of crashes related to the new date pickers
  • Fixed an issue with note taking on the iPad
  • Fixed an issue with note taking when editing a time record
  • Added back in a decimal point with setting rates

I'll keep everyone posted with the next round of updates, like bringing back the dark theme, and numerous other fixes.



Samer Abousalbi