NoteTag launching real soon!

I sent in NoteTag (Capparsa's latest app) for review. Once it's approved, it'll be on the store and "Ready for Sale". Can't wait!

NoteTag started as a quick summer project when I decided that I wanted a simple note taking app that also integrated in color for tags, rather than just text. It's similar to an app I use all the time (Simplenote) but different in that tags each have their own color, which colorizes the app and makes it more fun to tag things.

It also has a couple of other improvements over the stock Apple since you can set it to Archive notes, rather than delete them. That removes them from your main list, but keeps them around for later in case you need to access them. Helpful for those times you might accidentally remove something.

It's launching first for the iPhone, and then later for the iPad and Mac. It will be synced across all three--That's the part I'm still perfecting.* 

Stay tuned for more updates! The development pipeline for this app is actually quite large.  Check out our page here for some screenshots of the app. 


Samer Abousalbi