TimeTag 2.1.0

Just sent in the update for TimeTag 2.1.0 which features a whole new look and numerous behind-the-scenes updates. 

The new look of the app was motivated by the desire to strip away needless user interface chrome. The app works just the same as before--pretty much every element and touch point is in the exact same location. However, now the app sports a much cleaner, more modern look. Expect more changes to come soon--it's a process and I'm excited to get feedback and keep refining! 

I'm also proud to say I managed to get the app size down from ~10mb to roughly ~3.5mb. Makes installing the app much faster and makes it easier to download over cell networks (if you aren't on wifi). 

Note: I did have to make the app iOS 6.1+ only, and I know that there's a small percentage of people who will be upset by this. Honestly, I wish that there were an easier way to support older operating systems, but there isn't. As a very small development company (it's pretty much me working on TimeTag), it's really hard to maintain the app over older versions. I also really like using Apple's new tools to make the app faster, more stable, and also keep it in line with the look & feel of the OS. Expect big changes to come when iOS 7 ships this fall!


Samer Abousalbi