Two New Apps launching soon!

This is a very exciting summer for Capparsa! Finally, after two years of just updating apps just enough to keep them alive, I'm finally able to work full-time on Capparsa and my other ventures.  

Capparsa will have two apps launching soon. The first will be a super simple note taking app. I know, I know, how many note apps are there--too many to count. But this is one of those cases where I haven't found one to do what I want, so I'm creating it. It's called "NoteTag" (a nod to TimeTag) and lets you create quick notes on your iPhone, iPad and Mac (and stay in sync using iCloud*). The big difference? It's dead simple, stripped down, features a minimal design, and most importantly, it relies on colors to tag your notes, rather than just text labels.  I'll show some images off soon. I think it's pretty cool. 

The next app will actually be a game--my first ever to write. It's called Doodle Space Fighter and will be a doodle based space shooting game, with some RPG elements. The goal of the game is to survive the onslaught of enemies as long as you can. It gets harder and harder as the time ticks by, but luckily you earn resources every time you play. The resources then can be spent on ship upgrades, to propel you further into the 'doodle space zone'. It's fun and has been a real joy to create. 

Of course TimeTag is still receiving updates, and I'm still considering what to do with Compositions (for iOS). It needs some real love.

Check back soon for more news! 

 *The biggest benefit to me writing this app is finally getting a handle on using iCloud to keep devices in sync. I want to take what I learn here and try (again) to build it into TimeTag...

Samer Abousalbi