TimeTag Mac Work

It's funny what happens when you begin to use your own software for an extended period of time. My company recently took on some contract work and I decided what better software to use than TimeTag for the Mac. It's been a while since I had used it (since we didn't seek contract work for a while), so I opened it up.

A few days into using it, I found so many things that I want to change. The fact that tags keep organizing themselves haphazardly is weird. I had never picked up on that in testing. That'll get fixed --in fact, I'm working on adding sorting options similar to the iOS version.

The other thing I kept wanting to do is use Command+1, Command+2, etc, to switch between records, timers and tags. I think I'l add that as a key command to let people switch between those views.

Finally, I wanted way more control over how TT reports things. I keep wanting to see how many hours I've logged for just a single tag (similar to how it works on iOS) but the Mac version doesn't offer it. So I'll be adding that in soon.

There are a few other things that need changing but those are the major insights I've gotten over the past week or so of using the app. I'm eager to get working on these and get an update out!