Compositions App (iOS) Update

So a funny thing happened. I made Compositions for iOS free yesterday morning, thinking nothing of it. I didn't even tweet about it. It's been an app I haven't updated in a while so I felt bad charging anything for it.

Well, I woke up this morning to an email telling me it was downloaded a ridiculous number of times and now I've gotten a lot of emails with feature requests. It's really exciting but it also means I have some work to do! 

So here's what is going to change in the coming weeks: 

1) Completely re-written syncing logic with Dropbox

2) Renaming files will be 5000% easier. 

3) Hopefully I can get native .txt editing added, if you don't care about snapshots. 

There will be more to come, but #1 and #2 will be highest priority! 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

Samer Abousalbi