TimeTag Version 3.0 (iOS): iOS 7 and Syncing

TimeTag version 3 will ship this fall with the release of iOS 7 and I couldn't be more excited. 

I have some good/bad news. The bad news first: The app will only support iOS 7. So if your device cannot be upgraded to 7, your version will be frozen with the shipping version now (2.1.0). This is not ideal, but I can explain myself (which brings me to the good news). 

The latest version (2.1.0) pushed the version minimum to 6.1, which is what currently ships today. This is a majority of the devices out there, of which many will be able to upgrade to 7. That means I'm not orphaning too many people. The app will still work just fine (2.1 is very stable) so it's not like your data goes away or anything bad happens. It just means no more updates. 

The big reason I did this is because of how huge of a departure iOS 7 is from previous versions. It's a big, big shift in the way apps look, feel, work, and just generally operate. And that's just from a user standpoint--the backend is also hugely different and more optimized. I wanted to start fresh. TimeTag has been around for a while and its code is a big mess. That means it takes longer for me to code new features, fix bugs, and just generally support the app. Since I'm just a lone developer coding it, I need to make my life as simple as I can (while working on all my other apps and projects and companies). 

So long story short: It will support iOS 7 only but it's gonna be a great app. I've been working on it non-stop for the past few weeks and I'm so excited to see it ship. I think everyone who gets their hands on it will really like it, and I hope they'll appreciate the fact that I wanted my app ready to go with the new system. 

Bonus news:  Syncing is coming, using Parse as the backend. I wrote a whole custom syncing backend for my other app, NoteTag, which is shipping soon and I plan to bring it over to TimeTag. It works great, and I'm eager to see it brought to TimeTag finally after all these years. Having the code be brought up to iOS 7 (and cleaned up) helped a lot with this.



Samer Abousalbi