TimeTag iOS 7 update issues

So TimeTag 3.0 went live, which is the iOS 7 version of TimeTag and so far downloads have been great. I'm eager to see it in the hands of more people as iOS 7 makes it way around the world.

One unfortunate issue has cropped up for just a handful of users (so far?). I've gotten three emails reporting that the update completely wiped their records and tags.

The first user to email me reported back that it was something on his end. His iPhone "restored as new" during the iOS 7 update, so that's why the app data was gone. So that was a relief that it wasn't something my code broke. 

The second user was kind enough to send me the app's crash logs and she reported that sometimes the tags would appear, but other times nothing would appear. I have been investigating this and trying to recreate the issue, but the closest I've gotten is that the app takes a very long time to open on first launch. In fact, her crash logs were specifically that: iOS has a timer (I think it's about 10 seconds?) for an app to be done loading before it decides to just kill it. This is to prevent an app from opening indefinitely and eating away at battery life as it consumes CPU power. Since the app has a lot of work to do in the background to get it working in this new version it takes a while at first launch, especially if you have a lot of records.

To test all this, I found an old version of the app (the 2.1 version) and loaded it up with literally 30,000 records and tested the migration. In all cases, the app would freeze for 5-10 seconds, finish loading and then be fast from there on out. Since fixing things as a developer requires knowing what to fix, I'm unfortunately at a loss here for what might be causing data loss for others.

In either case, I've sent in an update that moves the app migration code out of the app launch, and into a step right after the app completes. This should give devices more time to do the migration, since it won't interfere with the app launch timer. The key thing is to just leave the app alone while it loads the first time.  

I hope that other users don't report this issue. I hate the idea that people lose their time records which I know are very important for some since they use the app for their professional time logging. So far my guess is that it's something that is out of my hands. It might be something that went wrong with the iOS 7 migration for TimeTag specifically. I'm not sure so I'll keep digging around. 

Please email me if this happens to you though, and I'll hopefully be able to help! 

Samer Abousalbi