Compositions for Mac receiving an update

The Mac version of Compositions is getting an update (soon) that will address a few issues (described below) and most notably change the icon to match the new iOS version (a circle surrounding the C). No more giant black box icon!

  • Fixed a few bugs dealing with snapshots
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't edit the start of your document with the space bar feature on
  • Updated the about screen to show proper addresses of the blog and Twitter account
  • Minimum version of the app is now 10.8

I'll be working on a bigger update soon to fix some of the UI (and further play catch-up with Yosemite) but for now these felt big enough to address to go ahead and send the update.

Look for it soon! And as always, if a dreaded bug got past me, let me know either in email ( or on Twitter @capparsa . Thanks!


Samer Abousalbi