Some updates on the way

I've just sent in a quick update to TimeTag (bringing it to 3.1.4 once it's approved) to fix a couple of minor issues:

  • The 'remember last tag' setting should work now, and won't just change the theme
  • Editing tags when you tap on 'edit' and then on the tag will properly bring up the right tag

I've resolved to just send in quick updates often, rather than big updates every now and then, since it helps me get to issues faster and test easier. 

The Mac version recently had an update released to fix an issue with App Nap. The timers will still 'sleep' in the background, but will now properly refresh when the app regains focus. This means you get the benefit of app nap and the lowered battery use, while still having the most up to date timer information when you click in the app.

Compositions is still running against iOS 6 and has an update waiting that will bring it to 7. It's a huge change though so I'm concerned about releasing it without more testing, since I know a lot of people use it for document creation. I don't want anyone to lose their notes!


Samer Abousalbi