Compositions iOS 7 Update being readied

Just a friendly update that I've (finally) been working on the iOS 7 update for Compositions again. With iOS 8 around the corner, I want the app to run against 7+ (since the design language for 7/8 are roughly the same). 

I've been bug fixing and cleaning up old code, and so far it looks like the iPhone version is stable and working. I'll be working on the iPad version next, and then releasing it to the store.

Here are some other cool things coming with it:

  • New icon
  • Replaced the 'dismiss keyboard' button with new interactive dragging keyboard, similar to how it works in Apple's Messages app
  • New iOS 7 design across the board
  • Some 'under the hood' changes to keep the app stable going forward
  • Lots of other good stuff

It will still be the same great app everyone knows and loves, but will be finally modernized for the latest OS. Once it's released, it will also be easier to add in new features.

Thanks for all the feedback and patience while I worked on this update!

Samer Abousalbi