Compositions & TimeTag Latest News

Regarding Compositions:

I've still been hard at work at updating Compositions. With iOS 8 around the corner, I'm now going to wait until 8 releases to post the update, since I want to make sure it's stable on there. It will be a 7+ app (no more iOS 6, sorry) but at least that gives everyone time to upgrade to 8, without orphaning out too many devices.

I've also simplified a lot of tasks in the app while still keeping all the same functionality. The full screen view seems more stable now. I've gotten rid of the dismiss keyboard button on the iPhone (for now) in favor of just letting the user drag their finger down to dismiss it.

I've also removed the status bar from the main editor (by default) to give more room to your content.

I'm excited to release it, and will keep posting updates as I work on it!

Regarding TimeTag:

I recently received a great suggestion for TimeTag that I'm thinking through and possibly going with. The idea is to get rid of the big green + button to add a timer, and just always have a timer available when the individual swipes to the right. It gets rid of an extra tap, and if the timer isn't needed, it simply goes away. Since each timer is always a swipe away anyway, there's no need for the added + button that just adds an extra step.

The same is true for the (X) button on this screen--there's really no need because it can simply disappear whenever the user isn't seeing it. Great suggestion, and one I'm excited to implement and test out.


Samer Abousalbi