TimeTag for iOS 8 Redesign thoughts & notes

So TimeTag's interface has largely remained the same since its inception. Large button, big text, and a focus on simplicity over a million features.

Given that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are out today, and that iOS 8 introduces some really cool new sizing features, I am about to tackle a redesign for TimeTag that I think everyone will enjoy.

Here's the idea's main points:

  1. eep the button big, but (possibly) switch the timer text and the tag text position. Why? Because with the bigger screens, it's much more thumb friendly to be able to tap the tag text with your thumb when it's down below--rather than way up top.
  2. Use a split view controller, so that timers on the iPad are always visible on the left-hand side. This is basically like the Mail.app on the iPhone/iPad. The iPhone has full screen views, but the iPad lets you see your timers on the side when in landscape. So why do this change?
    1. he new iPhone 6 Plus has a really big landscape space, and I'd love to let users of the Plus and the iPad be able to utilize all that real estate.
    2. Being able to see your timers at all times is something I'd like to be able to do with all that space.
    3. As a side effect, you can now add timers and swipe between them in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion. This is way more iOS-friendly, and more stable. It also means switching to landscape mode works across the entire app.
  3. eep the rest of the app relatively the same, but possibly reduce some of the complexity of certain tasks, like adding records, setting reminder times, and so on.
    1. n particular, I've grown to really dislike the way dates and timers are set in the app. I don't like the slide out date & time picker, so I might come up with a faster way to do that. 

Let me know if you have any thoughts! The goal of the redesign is to use more of the landscape real estate on both iPad and the new iPhones, while keeping the app thumb friendly and user friendly. I'll update as I go along.