TimeTag 3.5 for iOS Update Notes (Updated x2)

Just a friendly update for what's going on with TimeTag for iOS 8.

At first I wanted to just ship it with support for bigger screens, but as I mentioned in the last blog post, I decided that I wanted to refresh the design a little bit in an effort to support the bigger phones better, and to bring in better iPad support (and landscape mode).

So here are some notes of what has been completed so far. Check back for new things! Will be updating this post as I progress.

  1. You no longer swipe left/right between timers. It's now a continuous scrolling vertical list. For now, you add a new timer by pulling down or tapping '+' and it'll slide in a new timer quickly.
    1. No longer requires closing timers (You still can with a swipe to delete action)
    2. No longer requires a default number of timers to be set (the app always adds in an additional timer when you start an existing one)
  2. On the iPad, timers are always visible in landscape mode, and accessible as a sidebar in portrait mode. This is basically identical behavior to the Mail.app on the iPad. 
  3. Landscape mode on the iPhone is now 100% fully supported
    1. Seriously. Use the app exclusively in landscape now, if you want. Every screen adapts instantly!
  4. Many screens on the iPad that were either pop-overs or modals are now full screen. 
  5. Removed annoying alert pop-ups when editing dates and times for records, and replaced them with a much kinder in-row text that tells you the change isn't possible
  6. Notes section now expand automatically with the note you entered, so you can read your full notes without having to edit them or export your records
  7. Calendar export is now a part of the Export window, in an effort to cleanup the main records screen
  8. When adding a custom record, if you accidentally hit cancel with any work done on the screen, it now prompts you to see if you're sure you want to leave.
    1. This is because I was adding a ton of custom records and kept accidentally hitting 'Cancel' and losing my changes, which was infuriating.
  9. Fixed so many bugs, including but not limited to:
    1. The category is no longer wiped when you edit a tag name
    2. The export screen no longer shows only part of the web view in landscape mode
    3. Setting a local notification incorrectly when you just want to change the start time
    4. Fixed a crash when importing records that weren't yet checked out
    5. Fixed some bugs related to picking category colors
    6. Fixed some issues with generating backup & importing it
    7. Fixed some issues with theming
    8. Fixed issues with choosing a calendar and granting access to calendars
    9. Calendars are now sorted alphabetically
  10. For those of you who are developers:
    1. The app is down to just 1 storyboard using size classes! Yay!
    2. I'm in the process of converting the app to using Swift as I dig through the code, and modernizing a lot of the under-the-hood code
    3. Dynamic type support pretty much everywhere in the app. Go ahead, shrink or expand your text and the app will respond!