Compositions Full Screen Mode

Quick update this Sunday morning--I made a small tweak to how full screen mode works and I think it simplifies the experience.

I made the decision that when typing, the iPhone/iPad should just be full screen naturally. So now whenever the keyboard is up, the navigation bar and the status bar disappear, leaving just the content.

When the keyboard is dismissed (by either dragging your finger down to dismiss it, or by tapping the white bar that says 'tap to dismiss full screen mode'), the navigation bar and toolbar return.

This helped clean up a couple of things:

  1. No longer needed the dismiss arrow on the iPhone that appeared above the keyboard
  2. This brings more content on the screen when typing, which is ultimately what matters
  3. Simplifies the experience across all users--everyone now gets to always experience content focused writing, rather than those who discover full screen mode


Samer Abousalbi