Compositions iOS 3.0 Release Notes (officially)

And finally, here are the release notes for this update (3.0)

A lot more went into the app (under the hood) that isn't interesting to non-developers, but basically the app UI was totally overhauled and re-built using storyboards. 

  • Total user interface overhaul. iOS 7 and 8 look and feel, better margins, and some dynamic type use
  • If a document is offline only, there’s no archiving—only deleting. (Clears up some confusion that occurred)
  • You can now turn off word counting, in case you find it distracting. Check it out in settings area.
  • When you type, the app goes into full screen mode automatically. You can now dismiss the keyboard by tapping on the white bar, or drag your finger down to get rid of the keyboard and read in full screen mode.
  • You can now view word count in full screen mode (the title of the bar will change temporarily)
  • Conflict resolution is now defaulted to ON, and can be turned off. Makes syncing faster and easier.
  • Added the text (Keep) to the document you plan on keeping when manually managing conflicts
  • Made it easier to rename a file by making the (i) button always visible on the document list
  • Fixed issue where email window couldn’t be cancelled
  • Added pull to refresh for syncing
  • Temporarily removed TextExpander support, because it just wasn't working anymore. I'll keep researching this.


Samer Abousalbi