Ready for tomorrow's Apple event!

I'm excited for tomorrow's event. According to all the rumors, we can expect to see new iPhones with different sizes, and some kind of wearable technology, like a watch. We'll also figure out when iOS 8 will ship (which means I can submit updates to my apps, like Compositions!)

Another cool rumor is that developers will be able to write apps for the "iWatch". If that's true, I'm going to jump on that immediately. I see an instant benefit to using the watch/wearable with TimeTag. You can start/stop timers easily from your wrist, and set a tag just as easily too. It can also ping you when a timer has been running for a while, etc.

Which brings up another feature idea I've had for a little while: Being able to create a 'geofence' around you when you start a timer, and having it pop-up an alert when you leave it. That'd be useful for people whose timers are used for work in some kind of location specific way. For example, show up to your work, start a timer, and then if you leave in the car and the timer is still running, it can pop up and say: Hey, did you forget to stop your timer?

Cool stuff. I'll be writing some reaction thoughts tomorrow after the announcements. 

P.S. Compositions is nearing final release! Knocked out a whole host of bugs the past few days, and am finding less and less with every run. The app will be available for iOS 7 and 8. (No more 6--sorry, it's just too old of an OS now).

Samer Abousalbi