TimeTag iOS 4.0 in final beta

Just wanted to write a friendly update about TimeTag for iOS. I have wrapped up the few final edits and fixed a number of bugs with syncing, and it looks like it's ready for prime time. I'm submitted the app to Apple for external beta testing (Let me know if you want to test!) and once I've tested everything for another day or two, I'll submit for review and hope for the best.

Here are the final release notes for 4.0:

  • iOS Syncing is here! Create an account and buy a subscription for 1, 3, or 12 months to backup and sync your records across your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. (Mac coming next!)
  • TimeTag Sync uses push notifications to keep everything up to date automatically across all your devices (but you can always refresh if needed)
  • Offline mode support: No network, no problem. Keep using TimeTag regularly and when the internet comes back, your data will sync.
  • New color picker: In an effort to simplify & improve TimeTag, categories will now support just a background color. The text will automatically change from black to white based on the brightness of the color you pick.
  • Database improvements, which should speed things up


Samer Abousalbi