Time sheets made simple: Why we made TimeTag

Time keeping should be a relatively simple process. If you strip away all the frills, time keeping is as simple as a start time and a stop time. The activity then can be described later, and time sheets can be put together with all the check in and check out times.

That was the origin story of our TimeTag - Time Management app. We felt that with all the other time keeping apps out there, they asked too much of you when all you wanted to do was start a timer—especially if you were in a hurry to start your activity, like starting a call with a client. That’s why our app features “The Big Green Button” at launch, making it simple to start the timer and immediately exit the app. Coming back later is simple and you can add the tag/description at any time. That was the original vision of the app, and today we’re still committed to that.

The other insight we had when making TimeTag was that our day isn’t always a neat start and finish of a single activity— we often repeat the same tasks throughout the day, but at different times. For example, I usually check emails in the morning, around lunch and then near the end of the day. Rather than always seeing a time report showing me 3 separate check-ins at 9am, 12pm and 4pm, I’d want to be able to see at a glance that I spent 45 minutes on email that day. Digging into the details would only be required if I wanted to know how that 45 minutes was split up.

At the end of the day, time sheets should reflect your work, and should be honest and accurate. If you’re a freelancer, your clients will greatly appreciate your attention to detail with regard to your time. It will also be really helpful for you when making estimates on future projects. You can look at historical data of your past work and get a better idea of where a lot of your time goes—especially if the projects are similar.

Time sheets shouldn’t be complicated— they should be simple, and let you get back to what really matters most to you, which is your work! TimeTag was built to get your time back. If you don’t have your copy yet, be sure to download it below! Let us know what you think— we’re always working to provide a better product, so we love hearing from our customers.