3 Cool Ways To Use TimeTag Time Management

TimeTag (Time Management) is built in a way that almost anyone can use it and get value from it. I’ve seen some really interesting ways that people use TimeTag and would love to share some of them here to see if it sparks any ideas in you!


The app started from a need of tracking my freelancing hours in a simple and easy way. I felt frustrated by all the other time tracking apps on the market at the time--Many of them make starting and stopping timers an ordeal, and required me to set my activity before I started timing it. I wanted to be able to just start and stop timers and then be on my way—I could always edit the record later.

Using TimeTag as a freelancer or contractor is definitely the most obvious way to use it. The app supports rates, calculating totals, creating time sheets, and the ability to add notes to any time record making it a powerful tool for any professional.


Knowing where your day went is a great first step in being able to make changes and be more productive. If you’re looking to get the most out of your day, then having the data is important. We (as humans) are terrible estimators of our own time— so using a simple mobile app like TimeTag is a great way to get that data so you can look back and see how your time was spent.

Some businesses and teams have used TimeTag to be able to do this on an organizational level, which was really cool to hear about. All the employees in the study installed the app on their iPhone or iPad, and all had built-in tags and categories to tag their time. At the end of their time study (usually 2-4 weeks), their data was collected in spreadsheet form and studied.


In one of the more unique uses of TimeTag, we’ve heard reports of a few schools using TimeTag as a way to track usage on their computers and iPads. We love it! Students who sit down at the computer click into TimeTag, set the name as their tag and click start. When they’re done, they click to stop— just that simple. The educators are then left with a time log of whose using the computer and for how long. Very cool.


Download your copy today for free and start to track your own time in your own way! Have a super unique way you use it? Let us know! We could feature you on our blog!