One Size Fits None: Productivity for Different Personalities

You've probably heard the term “one size fits all!” Usually, the phrase is used to describe clothing or something that is meant to be used by anyone. But, let's face it. This is counter productive because we all know that no one is the same. No one looks, talks, walks, understands, or works the same as anyone else.

So, why do we try to tell each other how to work productively? Let's look at several ways that some personality types might work differently.


Extroverts get their energy by being around others. They crave the high levels of stimulation of being busy with packed scheduled. They like to change their scenery and work from coffee shops or places with a lot of human interaction. Extroverts love for their work to be validated and they love to be complimented. With these high stimulation situations, the extroverted worker can increase their productivity.


Contrary to extroverts, introverts become drained when they are in highly stimulating surroundings. They need a space to work where they won't be interrupted so they can recharge their batteries. An introverts best work gets done when they are left to their own devices.


Did you know there's something other than an introvert or an extrovert? These are the people that fall in between. Personally, I am an ambivert. I love to be around people and I'll usually get the best ideas when I can brainstorm with someone else. But when it comes to the point of actually executing the work, I do my best when I am uninterrupted.

Even now, I have divided all people into three categories. There is not a single person that falls completely into one of these. The best way to reach peak productivity is to find what works best for you. Just because you tried something and it didn't work doesn't mean that you failed. That method simply doesn't work for you where it might work for someone else. Move on to the next thing until you have your own set of actions that make you the most productive you.

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