Don't be a Morning Person

Everyone has that one friend who can wake up before dawn and get everything they need to get done before the sun has even settled itself in the sky. I am NOT one of those people. I wake up slowly and it usually takes a variety of things such as coffee, music, breakfast, and some walking around to get me going.

This week I sat down with David Babich from Trafinity and realized that I’m not the only one who starts their day off this way. Here are some tips David says non-morning people can use to get their day started off right.

Get a routine going. David’s routine consists of checklists. The more organized he is, the easier it is to get into his routine. Start a to-do list for yourself of tasks that need to get done in the morning. If you follow your list you’ll already have set yourself on the path for a productive day.

David says he is the most alert late at night. When it’s time to end the work day, he makes an agenda for the next day. Go ahead and make your morning to do list the night before when you’re alert. Sometimes, the next day isn’t going to go as you originally planned. There might be distractions (good ones, and bad ones). And that’s ok. Whatever this case is, at least you’ll be prepared.

Find something that gets you into a rhythm. For David, it’s music. Working in a public environment makes it hard to concentrate as there are always some distractions. With music he is able to drown out some of the noise. For you it could be music or something else that helps you concentrate. Whatever it is, use it in the mornings to get you into a good rhythm.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your mornings because we know that some people just aren’t built to wake up before the sunrise. (I always recommend coffee for days like that). As an individual, you have to learn what time during the day you are the most productive and creative. Build your schedule around that. Don’t force yourself to have early meetings if you aren’t going to be at 100% yet. The more you know about what works for you, the more productive you will be!