Emotions and Productivity

Your emotions are connected to everything. To your social life, to your family life, and also your work life. People have come up with this idea that work is suppose to be professional and for that reason it should be void of emotion. But it’s super linked. Your emotions are tied to work in a way that when you’re doing well, your work is doing well, and when you’re not so great, your work suffers.

Here are a couple of way that emotional well-being impact you work life.


When you’re stressed, sometimes you feel it physically. That happens to me a lot. I get neck pains when I’m stressed. Physical pain can definitely restrict productivity and motivation. It’s pretty self explanatory. Pain distracts us and occupies our minds. The mental energy it takes is astounding.

Drained motivation

Speaking of mental energy, have you ever been emotionally drained? It can be a major factor of a lack of motivation or distraction. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and causes extreme emotional upsets. These rollercoasters of emotions can be extremely distracting while we try to work. They drain motivation.


Anxiety, which is similar to stress, can have a huge impact on how productive you are. Anxiety sometimes can cause procrastination. I’ve mentioned in another blog that perfectionism can lead to procrastination but there can be one more step in between. Perfectionism can lead to anxiety, which can lead to procrastination. When you want to do things perfectly, but are too afraid that you can’t, you end up not starting in the first place.

While negative emotions can seriously have negative effects on productivity, getting your emotions in balance can have great effects on productivity. Finding ways to relieve that stress, gain motivation, and assuage that anxiety is just as important as the work you are doing. The best ways to do this are regular exercise, healthy eating, sleeping enough, and managing your time and tasks better. Create a balanced schedule for yourself and stick to it religiously until you feel you are back on track again. By then, you’ll probably have become so use to that schedule, you won’t ‘unstick’ from it. Find ways to clear your mind. Whether thats through meditation or doing something fun with friends and family, it’s important to not let work be the only thing in your life.