Capparsa Insider Summer 2016 - What we're up to!

It's about that time to update everyone on what we're up to! Here's the latest:

  • We've been releasing updates for TimeTag for iOS and OS X, fixing some things but still looking to make it easier and better to use. The latest 4.1 update for OS X now allows you to run the app in a smaller window, showing only the timers. I love to keep the app open in this way while I work.
  • The other cool news is this new project we've been working on. It coincides with TimeTag in the sense that it's in the productivity space. We're actually nearing the point where we need some alpha-testers to give it a whirl and give us feedback.
    • The app speaks to a lot of what we write about here on this blog-- that productivity is different to everyone, and it isn't easy-- so we should make tools that help us out, instead of make us more frustrated.

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Thanks for checking in with us! We hope you're having a great (& productive) June so far!

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