TimeTag 7.0 Preview

We're hard at work at one of our biggest updates to TimeTag! We're too excited about what's coming, so we just wanted to share a sneak peak at what's coming:

  • We totally overhauled the user interface (to now use a tab bar).
    • This new layout brings what you do in the app always one touch away, rather than being deep in a virtual hallway of screens that you have to backup through.
    • The app will still open up to Timers when it first launches, keeping that big green button within reach!


  • The records view added more detail
    • Tags now have more space to display their text, and you can view your day's information at a glance. It will show you hours you logged for that entire day, and show you how much you earned (if applicable) at the footer of each day.
  • Exporting is now ridiculously fast
    • We've streamlined the process for producing reports, so now you can export as many records as you want and it should only take about a second!
    • The same is true for the dashboard!


  • New tag and category management view
    • See the most used tags and categories at a glance, and view their hours logged and amount earned without having to tap into anything. 
    • We added some explanations to help out users who are unclear about tags/categories when they first start the app!
  • Expanded dashboard area
    • We've added more graphs to the dashboard, and are working to make this even more powerful in upcoming updates. We'll be adding more insights and take aways to help you get the most out of your time!
  • Custom dashboard reports
    • Generate your own custom charts (pie chart, bar chart, and line charts are available) and add them to your own dashboard
    • When you're finished, tap to generate a PDF which you can send to yourself and open on any device!
  • Much more to come!
    • 7.0 will bring many more improvements, and set the stage for an exciting year ahead with the roll out of iOS 10 and the new macOS version. 

If you're interested in testing out the app, be sure to sign up to become a beta tester below!

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