The only way to go is forward.


The mountains are ahead of you, but you are here, right now. How do you get from here, to the top of those mountains? 

By making progress. Even the fewest steps a day takes you far in a year's time. 

We often make excuses. We say things like "when this finishes, I'll have more time". We say that in a couple of weeks things will settle down and we'll have more time then. 

Those excuses are lies. And they cheat us out of progress. 

Want to write a book? Write for fifteen minutes a day. Or five minutes. Or one minute a day.

Want to run a marathon? Start a training program and walk out your door and move.

Want to play the guitar? Take it out of your closet and put it near your couch or bed or desk, where you can grab it and practice it every day, even for 30 seconds at a time.

Want to start a business? Sell your product, even if there's no way to scale it yet, even if you have no idea if it will work, even if there's a million reasons it will fail-- Just try it out and see what happens. 

There is no better time than now to start your next thing. Create the space for it. Create the time for it. I'm certain you can find it. Even if you spent just 1 hour a week working towards your goal, you'd be 52 hours into it by the end of the year. And years go by so. fast.

What mountains are waiting for you? And what are you waiting for?

Make progress every day. Achieve your goals. Live the dream. You totally got this.

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This post was beautifully illustrated by Megan Roy.