Achieving your goals is as simple as starting something today

You already have everything you need to do whatever you want. It's an excuse to think otherwise. No matter what reason you think you have to not be going after what you want right now, it's just an excuse that comforts you. That keeps you from changing.

I'm not saying those reasons aren't valid. I'm just saying that they aren't deal breakers. They aren't roadblocks that you can't get around. If it's a job that is taking up all your time... where can you find the time outside of it? Be honest with yourself-- is there an activity you could cut out that would make time for what you want? Chances are there probably is. 

If there isn't, is there a way to make time? If something is important enough to you, then you find a way. That's basically what it comes down to. It's all too easy to say that something is important, or that you want to change, or that once "this is done, then I'll do that". It's really easy and comforting to say that your goals are going to be achieved one day. It's far less comfortable and far less easy to actually DO something to get closer to it.

Planning, writing, organizing, and all these other activities we do before actually doing the thing we want to do... they offer us comfort. They're safe. This might sound familiar: Paul says he wants to run a marathon next year. He is tired of feeling unfit and unhealthy and he is going to prove he is healthy by running 26.2 miles. He downloads running apps, he researches the best shoe, he purchases a bunch of workout clothes, he learns all about nutrition and he lookups popular routes that he should run on. He says once the weather gets nicer he'll start...Once he finishes this project at work. Once it's January 1st. After this trip, it's going to be easy to start. He just needs to read a little bit more on marathons...

Do you think he ever actually runs the marathon? Chances are excellent that he doesn't.

What about this individual? Cristi decides she wants to run a marathon next year. It means a lot to her-- she is feeling unfit and unhealthy, and it's affecting all parts of her life. She finds a pair of shoes in her closet, and starts by running outside for ten minutes. Her lungs catch fire, her legs hurt, but she did it. She completed her first ten minutes of training. 

She gets home, researches and buys better shoes, finds one or two apps to coach her, and she repeats the next day. And the next day. Running more each day. By the end of the year, she finishes her marathon and she's never felt more confident and awesome. 

What's the big difference? She started. There's something magical about taking that first step. It's the hardest one, but it's worth it because everything after is that much easier. Your fears begin to melt away. Your anxieties about your performance disappear. You start to see how you get better each day. And more importantly, you are doing something. You are taking charge of your life. You aren't standing still, making excuses, and finding comfort in them. Our heroes aren't people who sit back and make excuses. They aren't OK with what is. They push for what should be.

What can you start today? What simple step can you take that gets you closer to where you want to be? What goal matters to you, and why does it matter so much to you that you'll do anything to achieve it?