Passion is going for it

What is passion?

For me, passion is ignoring all the reasons it might not work, ignoring the critics, ignoring the voice in my mind that says I'm not good enough to accomplish it.

Passion is foregoing the 'safe bet' in favor of taking the leap. Passion is putting it all on the line because nothing else makes any sense to me.

Passion is following my heart.

Passion is finding and knowing my purpose. Passion is knowing that this purpose lights my soul on fire. It wakes me up early in the morning to work. It is all consuming and yet energizing. It adds fuel at a faster rate than it burns it. I push more, I produce more, I feel more. 

Passion is seeing the path ahead of me, and putting in the work. It's step after step, always making progress, always moving forward. It's a fight, it's an effort, it's the best feeling in the world.

In the last year of my life, I have found my purpose. I know what I love doing, I know where I want to be, and I've been working as hard as I can to get there. I realized that productivity was so much more than just work for the sake of work. It was about doing things that mattered to me-- about finding that why, that purpose, and letting it push me forward. 

Purpose and passion are what push me out beyond where I'm comfortable. Beyond the edge where everyone else is. Beyond the safe, the known, and into the unknown. I may fail, but I'll fail knowing that I tried. Even in my failure, I can find a happiness in knowing that I'm getting to do what I love. Happiness and gratitude for fighting the fight.

What are you working towards? What can you do today to push closer to your goal? What could you accomplish if you had no fear of failure?

Find your passion. Then just go for it.

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This post was beautifully illustrated by Megan Roy.