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3 Tips to Brainstorm Like a Boss

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I come up with the greatest ideas…at the worst times. Yesterday, I was driving home and blasting music when the best blog post idea dropped into my head. Obviously, I couldn’t just reach over and write it down in a notebook because I was DRIVING. I get so mad at my brain sometimes. I couldn’t help it though, I knew I’d forget it by the time I got home, so I reached over and recorded the idea into my phone.

I asked myself later why I can’t seem to come up with great ideas when I’m actually brainstorming?? I researched it and came up with these 3 tips for making your brainstorming session as productive as when you’re sitting in your car blasting Paramore.
Grab an umbrella because it’s about to start raining ideas. <— (Yes, I know. Cheesiest joke ever.)

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Creative Ways to Increase Productivity: Doodling!

Every once in a while I get writers block. (Okay fine, it happens often). I do a variety of things to break down my writers block. Sometimes I stare off into space and let my mind wander while I listen to music until it settles on something I can write about. Other times I have to simply start writing and see what happens. Those techniques work most of the time. When they don't, I have to resort to more drastic measures: doodling.

No, you didn't read that wrong, I did say doodling. I doodle to literally get my creative juices flowing, as well as getting my brain in the mood to focus. It allows my mind to relax and open up to new ideas that may pop up.

You don't believe that it works? Here are three riveting facts about doodling:

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Creative Freelancers: Get out of your head!

Working as a creative freelancer or indie developer can be incredibly rewarding. It's a chance to come up with ideas, build them out, and ship them out to the world.

It’s understandable to be afraid of what other people might think of our work. That work came from our inspiration, our ideas, our hard work, and so on. Our personalities, history, and ideas are baked right in. It's really easy to fear all the critics out there--what will people think of this? Unfortunately there's one critic that is the worst of them all, and it's the most important to silence.

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Stop killing your company's creativity

People tend to underestimate the importance of creativity. In the workplace, there are times that creativity is stifled either because an idea is too far out there, or people like to stick with “what we’ve always done.” The “if it isn't broken, don’t fix it" approach is broken itself--and needs to be fixed.

The world is progressing at a rapid rate and every year companies are coming out with something new. Do you think that the ideas for these cool new products came out of an environment where creativity was discouraged? We don’t think so.

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