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Finding Your Focus & maximizing your personal productivity

Focus...for me that word is synonymous with coffee, soft music playing in the background, and getting things done efficiently! That really works for me. The coffee keeps me alert, the music drowns out background noise and things get done!

That particular style of working won’t work for everyone though. Last week, I had a really interesting conversation with the guys from DineMob, Malcolm Woods and Britt Jones, whose polar opposite work styles complement each other well.

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Don't be a Morning Person

Everyone has that one friend who can wake up before dawn and get everything they need to get done before the sun has even settled itself in the sky. I am NOT one of those people. I wake up slowly and it usually takes a variety of things such as coffee, music, breakfast, and some walking around to get me going.

This week I sat down with David Babich from Trafinity and realized that I’m not the only one who starts their day off this way. Here are some tips David says non-morning people can use to get their day started off right.

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