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Putting my phone down and instead looking up for a change

I often find myself opening up my email 2-3 seconds after closing it, as if I'm going to find something new there. 

Other times I'll pick up my phone, unlock it to check the weather, and then spend 15 minutes scrolling mindlessly through Instagram.

Why do I exist in these maddening loops?

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Distraction is Killing My Productivity

I am very easily distracted. You honestly have no idea--Even in writing this, even just one sentence in, my thoughts have already bounced to different things. I'm writing in full-screen mode so that I'm at least less tempted to jump into another app or to respond to a notification... but the damage of the years and years of responding to buzzes and thoughts and ideas is deep.

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Finding Your Focus & maximizing your personal productivity

Focus...for me that word is synonymous with coffee, soft music playing in the background, and getting things done efficiently! That really works for me. The coffee keeps me alert, the music drowns out background noise and things get done!

That particular style of working won’t work for everyone though. Last week, I had a really interesting conversation with the guys from DineMob, Malcolm Woods and Britt Jones, whose polar opposite work styles complement each other well.

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