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Putting my phone down and instead looking up for a change

I often find myself opening up my email 2-3 seconds after closing it, as if I'm going to find something new there. 

Other times I'll pick up my phone, unlock it to check the weather, and then spend 15 minutes scrolling mindlessly through Instagram.

Why do I exist in these maddening loops?

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6 Steps to Own Your Phone

Recently, you’ve probably heard a lot about how we shouldn’t use our smartphones so much because it’s bad for our productivity, our minds, and our interaction with others. There’s some truth to those statements. It is easy to get lost in the virtual world at our fingertips and forget about the people around us. When it comes to the point that we have to try and convince people to not text and drive even though it’s obviously dangerous, then there really is a problem.

Many suggest using our phones as little as possible, while others say that the way to go is to revert back to the old “dumb” phones. But, let’s face it, no one is really going to give up their smartphones. Instead, you should simply change HOW you use it.

They are called smartphones right? Emphasis on the “smart!” Let’s use them in smart ways. It’s really easy to download a bunch of games and get lost in fantasy worlds and high scores. But there are ways you can make the most of your phone by using it to boost your productivity!

Here are a few things to consider doing first.  

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