TimeTag on the Apple Watch

We’re really excited about the Apple Watch. We ordered ours late at night / early Friday morning, and can’t wait for it to arrive. We also went to the Apple Store on Friday afternoon and tried them on—and fell in love. Like with many other Apple products, it’s hard not to love them after you play around with them for a bit.

We were won over at the soft tapping on your wrist when a notification comes in. It’s unreal. It’s so much more than a vibration like your phone produces—it literally feels like someone is tapping on your wrist to get your attention.

More than just the cool technology and the emergence of smart wearables, we’re excited because TimeTag makes for an amazing app on your watch. Ever since TimeTag’s launch, our goal has been simple: Get you in and out of the app as fast as possible. Starting a timer should be a simple one tap operation--something that you spend only a second doing.

With the Apple Watch app that we’re developing, that will remain the goal. Launching the app will let you hit the same great green button, and then you can be on your way. The Watch will automatically communicate with your iPhone nearby and update it & keep it in sync. That means a timer started on your phone can be stopped on your watch, and the other way around. You’ll also be able to set a tag for your timer from your wrist as well, using a quick scrolling list to tap on the one you want. 

We’re hoping to have the app ready for the Watch launch, but if we don’t make it, we’ll have it soon after! Having a real watch available to test it on will help a tremendous amount— what works on a simulator doesn’t always work on the real thing.

No matter what happens with this first generation Apple Watch, we’re really excited for wearable technology and what it means for fast access to apps that can help us be more productive. 

Stay tuned for more updates as our Apple Watch app develops!