Improvements to Tag & Category Creation

One of the things I've wanted to do for a while is improve the process for creating tags/categories--especially for new users. 

Based on my own experiences, and some feedback I've received from users, there will be a new process that should make it much faster and make much more sense. Here's the idea:

  1. In the "Activities" tab, you tap to create a new Activity
  2. You select a category or create a new category to start off. As before, categories are like the parents to all the tags/tasks below.
  3. You can then quickly create as many tags as you want that will all automatically be added to that category.
  4. When you're done, just tap to save and that's it!

The app will create the category and move all those tag names into it. So rather than constantly adding tags one by one, you can now quickly start new projects and all the tasks underneath it in a matter of seconds.

The plan isn't to stop there! I'm also working on creating a process to import tags/categories (and I believe records too) from a CSV file. You can open a CSV file on your iOS device and the app will scan it and import it, prompting you to make sure everything looks good. I'm excited to bring this to the app because it can help new users get up to speed in the app much faster.

I'm hoping these changes will go live within the next week or two, depending on how development and testing goes! Be on the lookout for it.

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TimeTag on the Web

It's finally here!

TimeTag on the Web is now live and ready for our Pro users to begin using. You can sign in with your credentials you made on your iPhone/iPad or Mac, and access your records, tags, and categories all from the browser.

We're actively developing it (so expect it to grow in functionality) but today you can do some pretty much all of the core TimeTag things, like:

  • Start/stop timers
  • Manage your tags & categories (adding/editing/deleting, etc)
  • Export your records and save them as a CSV

If you don't yet have an account with us, you can now create yours online and sign up for a subscription in your browser-- all for the same cost of $2.99/month or $29.99/yearly (USD).

We're taking feedback and working on the site, so if you have any comments feel free to reach out! TimeTag was built for you all, and many of the features it has today were once suggestions from customers, so let us know what's on your mind!