Version 8.1.3 about to release & more news

Hi everyone!

First I want to genuinely thank everyone who has been helping me identify the loading data error. Version 8.1.3 should address some of those issues, but I think it's still hanging around for some of our test users. If that's the case for you, please don't hesitate to reach out! I can invite you to our TestFlight team if you're up for it, and work more closely with you to figure it out.

For everyone else, 8.1.3 brings some much needed fixes and improvements, including:

  1. Records are loaded on-demand as you scroll, rather than all at once
  2. Fixed some crashes in the graphing area
  3. Pushed some actions into the background thread so as not interrupt your workflow as much!
  4. Added some new averages to the "Numbers" area of the Dashboard
  5. Added a row to Filter your records to make it clear that you can filter then export
  6. Added a new subscription details page that shows when your sub expires/renews, and which plan you're on

Thanks again, and hopefully I'll have more good news on the loading data issue!