Preview of TimeTag Version 8.3 for iOS

Hi everyone!

I have an update in the works that I'm pretty excited about, since it brings some much requested things, and some new additions for our Pro customers. Here's a preview of what's to come:

  • Archiving Tags
    • You can now archive/hide tags, similar to what you can do on the Mac version.
    • This means when setting a tag from the timer screen, hidden tags won't appear! It's great for older projects that you aren't logging time for anymore, but still want to keep a record of.
    • They will still be visible in the Activities area, and all your records will remain tagged to them. And of course you can unarchive them any time.
  • [Pro only] New Dashboard Numbers/Insights
    • I'm working on adding some new insights/numbers in the dashboard area, that will show things like when you are most active (like what hours of the day you log the most hours), and what days of the week you're most active, etc. If you have any ideas for insights, please reach out! Always happy to hear from our customers.
  • Default rounding times
    • Everyone can currently set a default to round their timers to the nearest minute, but I've been hearing from customers that they'd like to change the default to nearest 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, etc. You can do this manually on any record, but being able to set a default to whatever time you want is useful too. So be on the lookout for this!
  • More to come...I'll update as things progress.