Grow your team's potential.

TimeTag Team is TimeTag for businesses. Using the same app, you can collect all of your team's hours and activities in 1 place for easy exporting and analysis. 

Reduce Training Time

TimeTag Team is the exact same app as TimeTag--which means you gain all the benefits of the simplicity of the app. On average, our clients train their employees to use TimeTag in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Keep Team Members Focused on their Work

Our average session length is 3 seconds long. That means your team members aren't spending valuable minutes (and hours) in the app--giving them more time to spend on their work.

Gain Real-Time Information

Know what your team members are doing as they work. View real time data as people check in and check out of their activities on their personal devices. 

Use a Single Device for All Your Employees

TimeTag Team also lets your employees clock in and clock out at a device, turning your iPad or iPhone into a digital punch-clock. 

Export, Analyze & Reduce Downtime

Just like in TimeTag, your data is fully available to you any time. Export all your records as a CSV and import it into virtually any app. You can gain valuable insight into where most of your team member's time is being spent, and how to improve processes to reduce cost drivers.

Try Team for 1 Month for Free

Your first 28 days of the service are free-- you can cancel any time (without talking to us!) and you won't be charged. After that, the cost for TimeTag Team is $10/member/month. Ready to give it a go? Click below to get started, and purchase your Team account. Let us know if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help! We can also set everything up for you and your business for an additional setup fee, and get you moving even faster.



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