TimeTag Team

TimeTag Team offers a great way to use TimeTag for businesses and teams of people. Using the exact same app, TimeTag Team allows teams, managers and business owners to get real time data about what their teammates and employees are doing.

The process for creating a Team is like this:

  1. Sign up for a TimeTag account online here, and purchase your Team subscription for the number of people on your team / in your business.
  2. Invite and add members to your team once you've created it
  3. Create categories and tags just like before, but set them to be available to your Team

Members of your team now see those categories and tags in their apps (and online) just as if they made themselves. The difference is now that when they start timers using those tags, the records will automatically appear in the manager account-- creating a central place for all the records of a team.

With one click, that data can be exported from the browser and into a CSV file for downloading. The same simple process as before, but now with records tagged to team members!

TimeTag Team gives you the flexibility to:

  • Keep Your Workforce Focused
    • Training employees on starting/stopping timers takes only minutes, and the rest is handled by our service. This lets them focus on their work rather than their time management software!
  • Create Time Studies
    • Collect rich, exact data of what your employees are working on to better understand their needs and where to optimize their activities.
  • Reduce Downtime
    • You can use the app to track production lines, and create insights into when your lines are operational and when they're down (and for what reason).
  • (Coming soon) Location tracking
    • Track the start & stop locations of timers, and view your employees' location in a constantly updating dashboard. Great for mobile workforces.
  • And more
    • Track billable hours for your team, or simply keep tabs on the cumulative hours going into a project. The app is built to be flexible to meet most business' needs.

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