TimeTag Pro: Do more. 

TimeTag Pro gives you more power, more information and more freedom to use TimeTag the way you want to. Learn more below about the (growing) benefits to TimeTag Pro. You can also reach out to us at any time with questions!

TimeTag Pro is available as a recurring subscription on your iTunes account, billed monthly at $4.99 USD or annually at $39.99 USD (or equivalent currency). Start your free trial today!

You can now sign up and create an account on the web, available here


Learn more about your time.

With access to the "Dashboard", TimeTag Pro lets you see your time visualized. View the breakdown of your tags & categories in pie charts, and see how much you've earned across time. View averages such as hours worked per day, or amount earned per hour.

Report preview timetag on iphone.png

Create reports your way.

Customize the exported CSV file to include only the columns and tables you care about. 

In the iOS version, you can even create your own graphical PDF reports. Add in pie charts, bar charts, and line charts of your data, and save it as a PDF file. 

Work where you want.

TimeTag Pro syncs across your personal devices, using our custom backend designed specifically for TimeTag. Purchase on any device, and sign into your account on your iPhone, iPad & Mac and gain access to your records. You can also access your records from any modern browser by visiting TimeTag Online.


Location Based Timers

(iOS only) Create up to 20 locations (geofences) that you can setup to start & stop your timers, or queue them up to start. It can even remind you of running timers when you leave the location.

Save time & import your calendar events

(iOS only) Automatically create your tags, categories and time records by importing the events you want from your calendars on your iPhone or iPad. TimeTag will scan your calendars, let you choose the events you want to bring in, and automatically set their tags/categories, hours worked and even include any notes found on the event.

Productivity Monk Content

You can join our "Productivity Monk" list and get inspired monthly to do your best work. We'll publish and send content to our Pro users on topics like productivity, positivity, working with a sense of purpose, and creativity.