Team Guide

Step 1 - Login as a Manager or Owner account

Visit the "Pro" tab and login as a manager or owner account.

step 2.png

Step 2 - Find Team Section

Once logged in as a manager/owner, the Team section should become available. Tap on Team Hub Mode

step 3.png

Step 3 - Enable Team Hub Mode

Tap the switch to enable it.

step 4.png

Step 4 - Visit Timers Area

The timers area should now have an added row labeled "Team Member: No One". This is a new tappable row that will let you tag a record for a team member. 


Step 5 - Select Team Member

This can be changed at any time during an active timer, so if you mistap, it's ok! Simply re-select someone.

step 6.png

Step 6 - Start Timer normally

Either select a tag or run it as a blank timer, just as before. The difference now is that this timer will belong to this team account.