Methods of Maintaining Motivation

It’s that time of year once more where we’ve all set new years resolutions. And we FULLY intend to achieve them this time. For some, those goals may be weight related. For others it may be work related. One way or another the motivation and desire to achieve those goals is there. There’s only one problem that you know is there but you’re refusing to acknowledge it. The motivation will eventually wane, and you’ll be in the same place you were on December 31st.

Obviously, no one wants this to happen. So here are just a few tips to get you thinking about maintaining your motivation.

1. Write down your goals (plural)

You may have your goals in your head right now, but your head can get so clogged sometimes. Write down your goals in extreme detail and keep them where you can see them easily and everyday. This will help you when you can’t quite remember why you’re putting yourself through all of that (be it exercising or a schedule to increase productivity). Having your list of reasons why can put you back in the right mindset.

Also, have more than one goal. It’s easy to get bored doing and working on the same thing constantly. Allow yourself the liberty of being able to think about another project when you’re frustrated with the current one.

2. Choose positive motivation

At this point in your life you may have realized that negative motivation doesn’t really work on you. Well, it doesn’t really work on anyone. Negative motivation, although it may work at first, lasts significantly less than positive motivation.

Instead of trying to scare yourself into achieving your goals with the knowledge that you may lose something, or with the knowledge of the consequences, give yourself prizes for success. They don’t have to be huge prizes, just small things that you know you like but don’t indulge in often. When you succeed, write it down. Write down how you felt about that success and put it in ALL CAPS. It’s good to congratulate yourself and be excited because you’re awesome! Feel free to go back to your Breakthrough Log when you need a pick me up. You might surprise yourself with how far you’ve come.

3. Forget perfection

Even if you reach a point that you deem ‘perfect,’ you have no guarantee that you’ll stay at that same point. In fact, you actually have a guarantee that you WON'T stay there. Not without working to maintain it. That’s just life. Instead of trying to reach perfection and being disappointed when you can’t maintain perfection, just aim for constant betterment. There’s always some way to push yourself farther.

If you think about it now, it may seem futile to just always keep going without an end. But there’s a lot more satisfaction in it than you think. Plus, relieving the pressure of perfection that you placed on yourself in the first place will actually make you happier.

Constantly reminding yourself of your strong points, assessing your progress, and surrounding yourself with people who are positive and on the same page as you will help you get there. Try to see yourself as unstoppable, that way you’ll never stop…being awesome.

4. Understand failure

It’s a given. There will be days when you fail, I promise. Understanding how to deal with failure and get yourself back on the right track is how you become successful. Remember to forgive yourself those failures. If you don’t, it will just become a weight on your shoulders that will eventually cause you to quit. Instead, allow them to push you forward. Use them as a stepping stone to ultimately learning how you work and what works best for you.

Remember that success doesn’t have to be measured by the achievement of your biggest goals, but by your day to day accomplishments. You are successful every day!