TimeTag Mac Updates: 2.0 News

The Mac version re-write is coming to a close...I might be a week or two away from finishing it, barring any major issues. It's literally a total re-write--There's hardly any code left from the original version.

Most of the app now is written in Swift, and shares a lot of the same code as the iOS version, meaning both will play together much better (which is especially important for when syncing releases!)

Here are the notes for the new version so far:

  • A total re-design, most closely resembling the iPad version, but with a Mac flair. The main window can now go full screen, the timers are always visible on the left, and records are visible on the right.
  • The app is much lighter and brighter!
  • The app now stays open, even when the main window is closed, so you can hide the screen if needed and re-click into it.
  • Exporting
    • The export window is cleaned up, and you now save your files from the File menu in the top left.
    • The filter window immediately refreshes the report view upon running a filter, so you can see what you're exporting
    • The app now natively supports printing, so you can print the export directly
  • Managing Tags & categories
    • Each has its own "management" window that shows you a list of all your tags or categories, as well as the ability to add a new one, edit an existing one, and see details such as:
      • amount earned per tag or category
      • hours worked per tag or category
  • New timers
    • Timers now use the big green button that everyone loves in TimeTag iOS
    • Click to set a tag will pop-up a bigger list of your tags for you to click on
    • Adding a note is faster and prettier than before
  • New Menu bar item (the tag in the top right)
    • For those of you who enabled the menu bar item, it now has been re-designed to be faster to see your timers at a glance
  • Newly designed preferences screen
  • Much more...
    • There's so much new under the hood
    • This version also will support syncing once that's live, it will just need separate testing from the iOS version. But it is built on the same engine.