Latest Development News - TimeTag App

TimeTag 4.0 for iOS and 2.0 for Mac went live a couple of weeks ago, and we've been busy at work to bring updates to each, and improve a couple of things that we heard from customers. 

We are beginning a beta for iOS 4.1, and should have a beta for 2.1 for Mac shortly after. We're currently working on several things, including:

  • For TimeTag iOS:
    • Improvements
      • Using the share sheet for the exported data, so you can now immediately bring it into the app of your choice (instead of just email or Dropbox)
      • More back-end changes to make the app more stable
    • Bug fixes:
      • Fix for calendar exporting (overlapping time records should now export properly)
      • Fix for reminder notification (it will now properly ask you for permission to show an alert)
      • The timers won't reset after every app launch
      • Lots of other minor things!
  • TimeTag Mac:
    • Improvements:
      • I hope to make it more obvious how to manage tags/categories in that first launch experience. Will have more news on this soon!
    • Fixes:
      • Fixing the short title text on the timer button screen (it gets cut off early)
      • Add new timer setting is being improperly ignored
      • Remember last tag setting is being improperly ignored

I'm also running a private beta to begin to test the 2nd stage of our syncing beta. I re-wrote a lot of the code from the 1st beta to make it faster and more stable, and also fix a bug we had with duplicate data.